iWall Arcade

iWall Arcade is a fully automatic family attraction for holiday destinations. It provides hours of entertainment for kids and teenagers.


iWall Arcade is the best activity for kids and teenagers. And even adults know how to play! iWall entertains annually over 100.000 customers in +40 countries.

Playing iWall is easy and fun!


With iWall you can offer hours of unique entertainment for
the whole family. Maximize the value of a space and turn it
into active kids’ play area – without renovation!


iWall Arcade needs only 3 x 3 m (10 x 10 feet) space. With iWall you can turn small and hard to utilize
space to active kids play area – without renovation! 

Fun comes in a compact package

Always Up to Date

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically.

Made to last

Designed for public areas and for hard use. Screens are covered with tempered safety glass and the cabinet structure is aluminum.

Fully automatic

iWall is a fully automatic system with big screens and motion sensor. There’s no need for staff to operate. 

iWall Arcade Games

Ski Cross

Aspen or the Alps? This game allows challenging friends on the slope to see who will make it to the finish line first in one piece. It’s easy for both kids and adults to navigate by shifting body weight from side to side as if skiing in real life. Moving arms gain speed. Fun for the whole family!

Developed skills:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Timing

Parkour Extreme

Parkour Extreme is the most popular game among teenagers. Routes are way more challenging compared to the original Parkour. The player needs to move quickly to find the fastest route to the finish line. Parkour Extreme gives literally an extreme workout experience!

Developed skills:

  • Interval
  • Cardio
  • Muscular endurance


Dance moves to the ones with killer moves and for the ones who have two left feet! Either way, in this game everyone can enjoy dancing at their own level. To get the most points it’s needed to time and match movements closely to those displayed on the screen. This game lets the rhythm move the body and the workout will be like dancing! 

Developed skills:

  • Rhythm
  • Coordination
  • Timing


Hop in your space fighter and battle your way through the strongest bots in the galaxy! Swing your hands up and down to shoot, and move around to dodge enemy attacks. Collect powerups and defeat the level boss!

Developed skills:

  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Coordination

Ski Jump

How does it feel like to be on the top of the Ski Jumping- tower, looking at the landscape and waiting for your turn to come? Ski Jump gives a chance to experience it.

Ski Jumping game is a great way to experience a Winter Sport which is commonly known in Finland. To be able to success in the game, a person needs an explosive takeoff power, quick reaction and good mobility.

Developed skills:

  • Mobility
  • Reaction speed and Timing
  • Explosive takeoff power
  • Body balance

Hyper Slam

Hyper Slam is a racket sports game that improves reaction speed and coordination. Two players can compete against each other and you can also play the built in AI in single player mode.

Playing Hyper Slam enhances timing, perception and strategic thinking. The fast-paced game also stimulates the major muscle groups and the core, increasing both upper body and midsection strength.

Developed skills:

  • Coordination
  • Reaction speed
  • Upper body
  • Core

Supported languages:  English, Finnish, French, Japanese and German.

Are you ready to make
an impact that moves?

After watching a demo you know exactly what iWall Arcade is all about.
And, how it would boost your business from day one!

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