runBEAT 2.0 - Just run!

runBEAT effortlessly combines non-motorized treadmills with exergaming up to four players. It's fun and motivating for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.




runBEAT is compact in size and it provides fun fitness experience. runBEAT is safe environment to learn correct running technique, and to athletes to train professionally. Overall runBEAT is easy and effortless anyone to operate.


With runBEAT running tracks are now brought inside wellness centers and gyms. The treadmill speed adjusts automatically and is fully dependent on your own walking or running pace. The connection to runBEAT console is entirely wireless, which makes it easy to move the treadmills wherever you like.


runBEAT allows users of different fitness levels to train together. Users can go at their own pace, but still together with a friend. runBEAT contains tests where users can test their fitness levels for example Cooper Running test or the 6-minute walking test (6MWT). There are always enchanting games to play because we update the content regularly, and automatically.



Technical Specifications

runBEAT 2.0 is a complete solution with non-motorized treadmills, a big screen and a console.

runBEAT is a worry-free solution, for example, it can be adjusted to automatically start in the morning and shut down in the evening. These settings can be adjusted from our easy and simple CSE Partner Portal to which you will have access once your runBEAT has been delivered.  

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with the click of a mouse and keep customers engaged and active.

runBEAT is designed for public areas and for hard use, and it can be left unattended. Treadmills are non-motorized, and the cabinet structure of the console is aluminum.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. For urgent matters, we also offer remote support during normal business hours (UTC +2).

2-4 treadmills can be connected to one runBEAT system. The amount of space needed for two treadmills, the console, and the screen is only approx. 9 m2 (10 feet x 10 feet).

The non-motorized treadmill works without any external power and the connection to the runBEAT console is entirely wireless. This makes it easy to move the treadmill wherever you like without having to deal with wires and cables.

Non-motorized treadmills don’t have any motors inside which make them safe and easy to use. Customers can use runBEAT independently without any help from personnel – the product gives the needed instructions to users along the game. Non-motorized treadmills being the game controllers allow customers to make quick decisions making strategic game play or workout more effective.

runBEAT supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italy and German.

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. runBEAT needs just a floor space, a power socket, and an internet connection (all voltage grids are supported 100-240V 50/60Hz).

Apart from having runBEAT as an addon activity or usable with the admission fee of the venue it can also be monetized with various industry standard card readers. 

runBEAT can be taped to match your brand using desired colors, icons, etc. However, the runBEAT logo must be kept visible and stay the same size and location as in the pictures on this site. 


runBEAT contains multiple exercises and games where players can challenge themselves and their friends. Games are fast-paced which raises heart rate and challenges cognitive thinking at the same time. We develop new content actively and update the game content regularly via cloud service to keep it fresh. Updates also gives players more exercises,  games, and features to enjoy each time they come back.

Playing runBEAT is easy – choose the game from the touch screen of the console, and just run! With a non-motorized treadmill, it is easy to walk and run safely at exactly own pace. The treadmill speed automatically adjusts and is fully dependent on players own walking or running pace.

Just run

runBEAT provides motivating and interactive exercise for professionals and fitness enthuastics. No matter of your fitness level – just run!

Running in a small space

The amount of space needed for example two treadmills, the console, and the screen is only approx. 9 m2 (10 feet x 10 feet).

fun & engaging

runBEAT contains both engaging games and challenging races. Regular and automatic updates keep game content fresh and always up to date!


runBEAT includes a variety of tests such as the 6-minute walking test and Cooper’s tests. We actively develop new content and regularly update the exercise and game content via cloud service, which keeps runBEAT interesting year after year.

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