cycloBEAT - an exciting indoor cycling activity

cycloBEAT is an action-packed cycling experience for teenagers. It's a safe and exciting indoor cycling activity for up to eight players.



cycloBEAT is an action-packed indoor cycling experience especially great for teenagers. It is designed for public areas and it’s easy and safe to use. cycloBEAT makes it easy to expand activity offering. Players can experience fun and exciting moments with each other: regardless of skill and fitness level, everyone can win when they learn where to speed up and where to slow down.

Benefits for owners

With cycloBEAT, you can provide fascinating entertainment for teenagers and young adults. It is an action-packed exergame that brings motorcycle races and flying dragons safely to your indoor location. cycloBEAT takes up little space whether you want just two or all 8 bikes. For arcade operators, we offer many monetizations and customizing possibilities. 

benefits for users

Action-packed indoor cycling experience is especially great for teenagers. The power generated by the bike is transferred in real-time for example to the virtual motorcycle. Fast-paced games raises heart rate and challenges to see who is the most skilled. Indoor cycling has never been so much fun!

Fun & Challenging

An action-packed exergame that is fun, challenging, and makes you want to play again and again!

Keeps entertained and active

Teenagers enjoy competing together in a fun and entertaining game!

Interactive and social

Virtual motorcycle race and flying as a dragon provides inspiring entertainment with friends and family!

FAQ & Technical Specifications

2-8 bikes can be connected to one cycloBEAT system. The amount of space needed for four bikes, the console, and the screen is only approx. 9 m2 (96 ft2).

cycloBEAT is a complete solution with bikes, a big screen and a console. Thanks to recumbent bikes’ step-through design and handlebar the product can be accessed easily. We are official DELL OEM partner since 2016.

cycloBEAT is designed for public areas and for hard use. The cabinet structure of the console is aluminum. The resistance of the wheels is adjusted with a magnetic resistance, which has no wearing parts.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. For urgent matters we also offer remote support during normal business hours (UTC +2).

cycloBEAT is a fully automatic system with the big screen, bikes and the console. It’s easy to use so there’s no need for staff to operate.

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. cycloBEAT need only one standard power socket and an internet connection and it is compatible to all global power grids (AC 110-230V 50Hz/60Hz).

cycloBEAT supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italy and German.

An intuitive user interface is designed for easy usage to all ages. No need for staff to operate.

New game content and feature updates are downloaded automatically. Staff can change content with a click of a mouse and keep customers engaged and active.

cycloBEAT is perfect for children over 10 years, teenagers and young adults.

Playing cycloBEAT is easy – choose the game from the touch screen of the console, sit down and pedal. The seat distance is adjustable.


cycloBEAT contains multiple different games and new content is developed actively. Games provide challenges with different type of races: players don’t always have to pedal the hardest to win. It’s about learning when to speed up and when to slow down.

We update the game content regularly via cloud service to keep it fresh and to give players more games and features to enjoy each time they come back to the venue.