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iWall 3.0

Fully motion sensor-controlled iWall works for everyone regardless of age, background or gender. There is a wide variety of games available, from relaxing yoga and body balance games to high-intensity running and dancing.

iWall fits anywhere from the kids’ zone or arcade game room to lobby areas. The required space is only 3 by 3 meters and can be easily retrofitted without renovation!


runBEAT effortlessly combines non-motorized treadmills with exergaming. With runBEAT, players can test their limits independently or share their running experience with others.

runBEAT is not a static video. Instead, it is a dynamic environment where players influence how their character moves. This inspires and motivates children and adults of all ages. Running has never been so much fun!


cycloBEAT is an action-packed cycling experience for teenagers. cycloBEAT is safe and exciting indoor cycling activity for up
to 8 players. Motorcycle racing games entertain teenagers and adults for hours!


tapWall is for the youngest kids. tapWall includes various touchscreen-based games that keep the youngest kids entertained for hours. tapWall
fits in extremely small spaces!

"Our products have interesting and engaging content for both boys and girls, and even the parents get excited to join. We provide unique activities that entertain the whole family!"

Juha Kauppinen, Sales Director

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