runBEAT 2.0 - Just run!

runBEAT contains a variety of fun exergames, competitions, and tests, such as the Six-Minute Walk Test and Cooper's test.




runBEAT combines effortlessly non-motorized treadmills with exergaming. At At its best, playfulness interests and motivates kids and teens to start a traditional sport. 

runBEAT is used versatilely in different subjects and the tests are used in physical education lessons.


Due to runBEAT’s versatile content, the product is also suitable for various user groups outside of the school. It can be used during and after school days. In the afterschool activities, the users of runBEAT are afternoon clubs, and in the evening sports clubs and other associations.

The hours of exercise and spaces to exercise can be increased considerably without renovations or adding more PE classes.


runBEAT offers kids and teens the opportunity to get to know the traditional form of sports in a new and interesting way.

Exergaming motivates even those pupils who aren’t enthuastic about traditional sports. Differentiating the lesson with runBEAT is easy and even students with different fitness levels can move to together.


On runBEAT students influence how the characters move in the virtual environment. They earn points and immediate feedback of their performance. It’s motivating to see concrete numbers of their development.

runBEAT easily raises heart rate and keeps the students out of breath every time they hop on the treadmill. At the same time, students will learn the correct running technique. It has been found that runBEAT has a transfer effect on adopting a physical lifestyle.

There have been direct comments from students that it's kind of funny when otherwise they wouldn't be interested in exercising, let alone running hard, because it feels bad to be so out of breath. But runBEAT still attracts them, and they want to come here to play.

There have been direct comments from students that it's kind of funny when otherwise they wouldn't be interested in exercising, let alone running hard, because it feels bad to be so out of breath. But runBEAT still attracts them, and they want to come there to play.

Technical Specification

runBEAT 2.0 is a complete solution with non-motorized treadmills, a large screen, and a console.

For example, the space needed for two treadmills, a console and a screen are only approx. 9m2.

The game content is versatile: running tracks of different lengths, adventure games, interval exercises, and tests. In games, players move all the time, but the most important thing is that everyone has fun. Each game is designed to develop a specific skill or characteristic.

A non-motorized treadmill has no motor, which makes runBEAT safe and easy to use. Students can use runBEAT independently without the help of teachers or other staff – the product gives instructions to the players during the game.

We update new game content regularly, which is why kids and teens interest and motivating to exercise is maintained from month to month and year after year. Special attention has been paid to the length of the service life. The maintenance or use of the products does not bind human resources.

runBEAT is designed for public spaces and to withstand hard use. Its use does not need supervision. The treadmills are non-motorized, and the housing structure of the console is aluminium.

runBEAT is worry-free solutions, for example, it can be adjusted to automatically start in the morning and shut down in the evening. These settings can be adjusted from our easy and simple CSE Partner Portal to which you will have access once your runBEAT has been delivered.

Turn-key delivery and installation: no renovation needed. runBEAT needs just a floor space, a power socket, and an internet connection (all voltage grids are supported 100-240V 50/60Hz).

runBEAT supports multiple languages: English, Finnish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Italy and German.

The non-motorized treadmill works without any external power and the connection to the runBEAT console is entirely wireless. This makes it easy to move the treadmill wherever you like without having to deal with wires and cables.

Global next business day support is available in 170 countries. For urgent matters, we also offer remote support during normal business hours (UTC +2).

runBEAT can be taped to match the brand using desired colours and graphics. However, the runBEAT logo must be kept visible and stay the same size and location as in the pictures on this site.


runBEAT is perfect for kids over seven years, teenagers and youn adults. runBEAT contains multiple different games where players can challenge tehmselves and their friends.

Playing runBEAT is easy – choose the game from the touch screen of the console, and just run! With a non-motorized treadmill, it is easy to walk and run safely at your own pace. The treadmill speed automatically adjusts and its fully dependent on players own pace.

just run!

runBEAT provides entertainment for kids and teens. No matter of your fitness level - just run!

fun & Engaging

runBEAT offers exercise in a fun way. Earning points and getting immediate feedback motivates all students!


runBEAT contains both interesting games and competitions. Regular and automatic updates keep the product always up to date!


runBEAT includes a multiple variety of fun games, competitions and tests, such as the Six-Minute Walk Test and Cooper’s test. We actively develop new content and update the unit regularly and automatically. That keeps runBEAT interesting year after year. 

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